Customer: Lieutenant Peter Smith of the Irish Air Corps Baldonnell.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this company

I would like to recommend Andrew Burnett Landscaping & Garden Services on his work at Baldonnell Air Corps. In addition to the original contract we required further works to be carried out at a tight deadline. This was achieved within the timeframe to a very high standard. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this company.


Customer: Marion Lynch form Harolds Cross, Dublin.

When I look at the garden now, its gorgeous!

Andrew has done work for us several times, starting about 15 years ago with our back garden. It was basically two thirds wilderness  and covered in rubbish. Andrew dug up the rubbish and reseeded the ground and created two circular planters near the house. When I look at the garden now, its gorgeous!  The more recent work was in March of this year when Andrew put in a new driveway for me. He dug up everything that was there, did a concrete driveway and put up a fancy wall around each side with columns. He also did small garden spaces on both sides of the driveway to break up the concrete. The driveway is now lovely and I can park three cars in there. If Andrew says he is going to do something he does it. If he says he’s going to be there at a certain time he will. He starts early in the morning and wont leave until he has finished with what he started out to do. Andrew is very reliable and a hard worker let me tell you. I’m delighted with how it all turned out. The biggest benefit was Andrews work and his prices. Andrew doesn’t consider a job finished until your satisfied, he suits me down to the ground.


Customer: Martina from Co. Wicklow.

I couldn’t have asked for better, it was excellent!

We live on a half acre site and we had a very tall, wild leylandi hedge around the garden that needed to be cut back and trimmed, we also had some tall elder trees that we needed Andrew to remove as the were two and a half times the height of the house. I called Andrew after seeing his ad on Google. I got straight through and he was up to the house that afternoon and gave me a good price to carry out the work. I had planned on calling a few landscapers but after meeting with Andrew, I didn’t bother calling the others. I liked Andrews efficiency. I had an idea of how I wanted the hedge to look and to be honest it turned out better than I had expected. I couldn’t have asked for better, it was excellent. Andrew arrived when he said he was going to, did the work and tidied up when he was finished. In fact there wasn’t a twig left on the ground when Andrew was done cleaning the garden. I would recommend Andrew in a heart beat.


Customer: Jenny Stuart from Rathmines, Dublin.

He’s brilliant and I’d lay my life on that!

We have used Andrew for years now, not only in our home but for my husbands business. He’s a building developer and whenever he needs work carried out he calls Andrew. The whole family has used him. I had used other landscapers before but never went back to them because they were never any good. I had asked around and was given Andrews number. We tried him once and never let him go. My whole family feel like we’ve got a landscaper for life. Andrew is dependable , does good work which he completes on time and he’s honest. There’s not many like him. Id recommend Andrew to the Pope. He’s brilliant and I’d lay my life on that. When anyone asks me for a recommendation, I just give them Andrews name and don’t go any further.